Employment Opportunity for Seasonal Groundskeeper

Retirement Miramichi Inc. is seeking 2 employees to fill the positions of seasonal groundskeeper.  Term of employment is May to September, 2024. 

One position is for a person under the age of 30 and the other position is for a person of any age. Employment period is May to September.

Job description: as part of a team of employees who provide grass cutting, lawn maintenance and general outdoor labor services throughout the retirement community, this is a seasonal position and will start in May and end in September. There are 263 housing units at Retirement Miramichi each with a front and back yard. This position is one of five positions responsible to cut grass using a ride on lawn tractor, trim grass using a whipper-snipper, spread top soil, lay grass seed, rake and bag leaves, conduct exterior painting and conduct other residential general labor activities. Except for rainy days, all work related to this position is conducted outdoors.

What you need to have:  You will be motivated to work hard and be dependable, listen to and follow instruction, get along well with team members, provide good customer service, be able to think on the spot, have good hands-on skills, take pride in your work and take good care of the equipment under your care. Experience in operating a ride-on tractor and a whipper-snipper is an asset. You are required to supply your own safety boots.

What we offer: Employment period is May to September. Monday to Friday. 8 am to 4:30 pm. 8 hour paid day. Rate of pay: $16.50/hour.

TO APPLY: send resume to gm@retirenb.ca

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