Where is Retirement Miramichi?

Retirement Miramichi is located within the City of Miramichi in the north-east of New Brunswick, about a 30-minute drive to the Atlantic Ocean. If you are travelling by car, we are 40 minutes south of Bathurst, an hour and 20 minutes north of Moncton, NB, two hours from Fredericton, NB, four hours from Halifax, NS, 2.5 hours from Prince Edward Island, 8 hours from Montréal, and 3 hours from the US border at Calais, Maine.

Do we have to be retired to move to Retirement Miramichi?

Yes. Retirement Miramichi Inc. (RMI) is first and foremost an economic development initiative which works to attract retirees to our city who live and spend their money here but do not compete with local residents for jobs. All policy decisions are based on how we are impacting the local economy. For this reason, we do not have an age restriction but all who live in the home must be retired when they move in.

Can we buy a home at Retirement Miramichi?

No, ours is a rental retirement community.

Do you have furnished rental homes?

No. Tenants supply all, including appliances and window hardware and coverings. Some people find that the cost of moving things by weight makes it more economical to sell items and replace them upon arriving here.

What is the minimum commitment time of the rental agreement? Would it be possible to rent a place for 6 months, for example?

Retirement Miramichi offers a year-to year lease, so a tenant’s commitment at any given time is for 12 months. We do not offer shorter or longer term leases.

Do you have vacancies at this time?

Yes, although not all styles of homes are available at this time.

What is your occupancy rate?

On March 1, 2017, 97 percent of our homes were either occupied or reserved for clients who are arriving in the very near future. We have a total of 263 housing units in our community and 256 were occupied or committed. Though we have 17 different styles of units, only three (2) styles are available at present. We keep waiting lists for clients who are committed to moving to Retirement Miramichi within six (6) months.

What is the turn-over rate?

Almost half of Retirement Miramichi tenants have been here five years or more. Our findings are that most people leave due to family or health-related reasons.

How long does it take to get a home?

It depends on which home you choose and how flexible you are in your moving dates. If you need to move in quickly, we can offer only what we have available, which at present is one of three styles. Units do come available randomly, and flexibility is an asset when this happens as homes are not generally vacant for long periods of time. Our tenants receive priority on any waiting lists so if a home of your preference is not available when you move in, you can be placed on an internal waiting list for the home to come available. 

Do we pay first and last month’s rent?

In New Brunswick landlords may collect first month’s rent in advance but they are not allowed to collect last month’s rent in advance. At Retirement Miramichi we collect your first month’s rent when you reserve a house for occupancy. When you move in we collect a security (or damage) deposit equal to one months rent (not to exceed $600). We must send the security deposit to the Office of the Rentalsman (www.snb.ca/irent) within 10 days where it is kept in trust for you until the end of your tenancy. If we do not have a claim against it at that time, your deposit will be released to you without interest. The security deposit may be used for unpaid rent, damage to a home or the cost of cleaning the home after it is vacated.

What is included in the rent?

Rent includes snow removal from the driveway, lawn cutting, parking & the hot water tank. Tenants are encouraged to make use of The HeRMItage, our onsite social/community centre provided for tenant use and managed by a tenant social committee. There is no charge or fee collected from tenants by RMI for provision of this centre.

Are utilities included in the rent?

No. Utilities are the responsibility of the tenant. They include oil (for heat), electricity, water and sewage, telephone, internet and television services. Estimates are available. In addition, tenants are required to purchase a Tenant’s Package of insurance providing coverage for their belongings and liability insurance. 


All homes have oil-fired, forced hot-air furnaces. For the 2020-2021 heating season, the recommended oil supplier offers equalized billing payments over ten (10) months. The break-down is as follows:

$185 per month for bungalows and 1.5 storey homes

$185 per month for two-storey, three-bedroom homes

$200 per month for two-storey, four-bedroom homes

Payment options other than equalized billing are also available. The recommended supplier provides a per litre discount on oil purchases. The price of fuel, the external weather, temperature & conditions, and internal temperature preferences all influence the cost of heating a home. Based on a sample of actual purchases made by tenants representing all styles of homes for the one-year period of January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021, the total cost of purchases ranged from $1,200 to $2,800 tax included. The average cost of that fuel was $0.89 per litre + HST.


Electricity service is provided by NB Power. Billing is based on metered consumption and invoicing is monthly. A one-time fee for initial hook-up is $44.97 + HST. Based on a sample of tenants representing all house styles for the one-year period of February 1, 2019, to January 31, 2020, the average equalized amount for electricity is $102 per month tax included. The actual range of equalized amounts from this sample was $65 to $175 per month tax included. Significant factors in consumption are the number of people residing in the home and the number of appliances in operation rather than the size of the house. Please note, there is an expected rate increase of approximately 2 percent  effective  April 1, 2021. .

Water & Sewer

Water and sewer services are provided by the City of Miramichi. Sewer charges are based on a flat rate while water services are billed based on consumption. Billing is on a quarterly basis and both charges are on the same invoice. The minimum charge is $110.18 per quarter plus water consumption charges. The estimated cost of these combined services for a three-month billing period is approximately $135 per quarter.


Telephone service: There are two landline telephone service providers: Bell Aliant and Rogers. There are several cell phone service providers in the area as well. For more information about products and pricing, please contact the supplier directly.


Television service: Cable television service is available from Rogers. FibreOP television service is available from Bell Aliant. Satellite television service is available from: Bell ExpressVu and Shaw Direct. For more information about products and pricing, please contact the supplier directly .


Internet service: High-speed and FibreOP internet services are available from Bell Aliant. High speed internet service is also available from Rogers. For more information about products and pricing, please contact the supplier directly .

Are appliances included in the rent?

No. Tenants must provide their own appliances. Hook-ups for the washer and dryer are located in the basement of each house.

Is the rent subsidized or based on a person’s income?

Neither. The rental structure is based on the size and layout of the house.

Are there any maintenance or other type of fees?

No. Tenants pay only their rent, utilities, and other costs associated with running the home.

Is there rent control in New Brunswick?

No, there is no rent control in New Brunswick. A landlord is obliged to provide three months written notice of any rental increase. Once advised of the increase, a tenant may choose to end the tenancy with one month’s notice. New Brunswick does have the Office of the Rentalsman, a government service which provides information on rental duties and rights and helps landlords and tenants resolve problems without going to court. You can find out more about the Rentalsman or renting in New Brunswick at www.snb.ca/irent.

Retirement Miramichi’s policy with regard to rent increases is that the rental structure is reviewed annually. We have had rent increases in the past but to date no rental increase has ever exceeded two percent.

We thank our tenants for being with us for the long-term with a one-time tenancy rebate of $200 upon completion of five years of tenancy. After ten years of tenancy, our tenants are no longer subject to rent increases. 

Do you allow pets and is there a limit to the number of pets we can have in our home?

Yes, domestic pets are permitted but owners must abide by municipal bylaws (dogs must be leashed, licensed and stoop and scoop; cats must be under the control of their owner) and owners are responsible for their pets. There are no restrictions with regard to pet size or number, within reason. Pet ownership responsibility includes, but is not limited to noise, behavior and damage.

How are the homes heated?

The homes are heated with an oil-fired, forced hot-air furnace which has a high efficiency burner. The oil tank is located in the basement of each home with a fill pipe running to the exterior. The exterior walls of all homes include both bat and rigid insulation. In addition, the attics are insulated with either bat or blown insulation. The exterior basement walls are also insulated with bat insulation on the interior.

Is natural gas an option? Can we install a propane, electric, pellet or wood fireplace?

Unfortunately, natural gas is not available in this part of New Brunswick. No permission is required for a tenant to install an electric fireplace however the tenant must obtain permission from the management to add or enhance electrical services if they are required to operate the electric fireplace. If permission is granted from the management you may install a propane or pellet fireplace.

The management will not approve any requests for the installation of a wood burning fireplace.

How old are the homes? Have they been renovated or upgraded over the years?

The homes were built in the 1940s and 50s and maintained by the Department of Defense until Retirement Miramichi turned the housing into a retirement community. The military had stringent maintenance programs and, in addition to regular maintenance, they made several improvements to the houses over the years — the windows were upgraded, vinyl siding was applied, the basements were insulated, the electrical was upgraded, kitchen cabinets in some units were modernized with oak laminate cupboards to name a few. Retirement Miramichi continues to maintain the homes and budgets annually for capital improvements such as roof replacement, concrete step replacement, window replacement and more. 

Can I make a change to the home?

Tenants may only make changes to the home, structural or otherwise, if they obtain written permission from the management. Tenants are informed if the change may remain when the tenant vacates or if reinstatement is necessary. Examples of requests approved in the past include installation of ½ baths, decks, fences, changing paint color in a room, satellite dish installations, ceiling fans. In general, changes and reinstatement (if required) are at the tenant’s expense

Can a dishwasher be installed?

Some home styles can accommodate a built-in dishwasher, depending on the kitchen cupboard type and configuration, but the kitchens are not plumbed for dishwashers. Any tenant wishing to install a dishwasher must first obtain permission from the management to allow the installation and alteration to the plumbing. Permission is not required by tenants who wish to use a portable dishwasher.

Is there a bathroom on each floor of the home?

This depends on the style of the home – every home has only one full bathroom on either the first or second floor. Some homes have an additional two-piece (toilet and sink) bathroom. 

Can we put up a portable garage?

If permission is granted from the management you may install a portable garage.

Can we plant a garden? Trees and shrubs?

Yes, tenants may plant flowers and gardens. When flowers beds and garden are located other than up against the house, tenants must reinstate the lawn when they vacate. Permission is required to plant permanent trees and shrubs.

Are garden sheds and/or fences permitted?

If permission is granted from both the management and municipal planning commission you may install a garden shed and/or fence.

Is there an area designated for a motor home?

No, but tenants may receive permission to park their recreational vehicles beside their homes providing the home of their choice can accommodate it. This usually means the home has no garage. 

Who owns the hot water heater?

The water heater is owned by Retirement Miramichi and heated by electricity. 

Do the homes have central air conditioning?

No, our homes do not have central air conditioning. Unlike other areas of Canada, constant high humidity in the summer is not a problem so air conditioners are not the necessity they are in other parts of the country. Tenants though may install window air conditioning units if they wish.

Are there safety devices in the bathroom of the home?

Not as a rule; some tubs come equipped with grab bars however Retirement Miramichi is under no obligation to provide these features in a home. Should a tenant require safety devices, tenants must obtain permission from the management to install them. 

Are the homes wheelchair accessible?

No, the homes are not considered to be wheelchair accessible. Some tenants though have been able to make authorized adaptations to the home to suit their needs (eg, installation of a wheelchair ramp).

How will I get my mail?

Retirement Miramichi’s houses are serviced by door-to-door mail delivery by Canada Post – every house has a mailbox at the front door.

Is the retirement community close to shopping and services?

We are 2 kms from the east-side business district and about 5 kms from the major retail district. More information on shopping and services is available at www.mightymiramichi.com.

What is the average age of tenants?

The average age of our tenants is 65. Because we have no age restrictions and only require that tenants be retired with no plans to return to work, our tenants range in age from 44 to 94.

Are there any single people living at Retirement Miramichi?

At present, there are approximately 100 single people living here.

Where do Retirement Miramichi tenants come from?

About 36% of the tenants came from Ontario, about 47% from New Brunswick and 17% arrived from the rest of Canada and internationally. 

What happens to my provincial health care coverage when I move to New Brunswick from another province?

As a Canadian citizen, there is no interruption to your provincial medical coverage as long as you apply for health coverage in New Brunswick within the specified time. When you arrive in New Brunswick, you apply for New Brunswick Medicare at any Service New Brunswick office and your NB Medicare card will soon follow. In general, your previous province of residence covers you for a three-month period after you after you relocate and then NB Medicare kicks in.

What you should know is that the medical services covered by each province differs from province to province so it’s up to you to make sure that New Brunswick Medicare provides the services that you need. For more information on New Brunswick Medicare, visit: http://www.gnb.ca/0051/0394/index-e.asp 

How can we travel to Miramichi?

The City of Miramichi is accessible by all standard forms of transportation. Air, water, road and railway facilities are all located in the area.

If you are driving, Moncton, NB is 1.5 hours drive north to Miramichi, Bathurst, NB is 40 minutes drive south to Miramichi and Fredericton, NB is 2 hours drive north east to Miramichi. Montréal is 8 hours drive from Miramichi and Presque Isle, Maine is the closest U.S. Airport. . (Google Map)

There are three possible routes to Miramichi once you enter New Brunswick. If you are arriving via Québec, the preferred route is south on Route 2 from Edmundston to Saint-Leonard and then take provincial Route 17 to Route180 at Saint-Quentin to Bathurst and then onto Route 8 south to Miramichi. This route is approximately 251 kms, a three-hour drive.

The second possibility is via the Trans Canada, (Route 2) which runs south to Québec to Fredericton. You then travel northeast to Miramichi via Trans Canada Route 8. The approximate distance is 451 kms from Edmundston. This route is the longest, taking about five (5) hours.

The third option is the shortest and most convenient, but also the least comfortable. This is a secondary highway, in good condition, but it is primarily a logging road and there are no services or amenities for an hour and a half drive after you leave Plaster Rock. Gas, food and lodging will not be available for an hour and a half and it is not advisable to travel this road after dark due to wildlife such as moose and deer. There are also a considerable number of trucks who use this route. To take this route, travel south to Grand Falls on Route 2 and then take Route 108 to Plaster Rock. Continue on Route 108 to Renous, approximately 137 kms, where you pick up Route 8 into Miramichi. The total time for this trip is about 2.5 hours.

Note: This is a very good route to take as long as you plan for it. It would be wise to stay over in Edmundston or Grand Falls and begin the trip in the morning. Any questions, contact us toll-free at 1-888-844-2001.

he main highways are Route 8 from the southwest, Fredericton to Bathurst, and Route 11 from Moncton from the southeast to the Acadian Peninsula north of Miramichi. These intersect just northeast of Miramichi. Route 126 connects Moncton to the Miramichi by way of Nelson-Miramichi.

By air: The closest airport is the Bathurst Airport which is a 40-minute drive north of Miramichi. Next is the Greater Moncton International Airport, an hour and 20 min drive south of Miramichi. Car rental agencies are available in both cities, and both cities are connected to Miramichi by VIA Rail, Acadian Lines (bus) and private shuttle services.

By train: VIA Rail provides passenger service from Miramichi to Halifax and all western points 3 days per week, once daily.

By bus: Acadian Lines offers daily public and passenger service, along with parcel express service, seven days a week departing from Miramichi to all Maritime locations. year in and year out, as is Acadian Lines to this day.

Could we arrange to visit and get a feel for the place?

We would be happy to show you around our retirement community. We are open for tours Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Please contact us prior to your arrival to arrange an appointment. If you are coming to Miramichi specifically to visit our retirement community, we can assist you with accommodations.

Does the City of Miramichi have a role in the operation of the retirement community?

No, Retirement Miramichi is a private, not-for-profit corporation self-funded by rental income. But since the retirement community is located within the city limits, the City of Miramichi provides services such as street snow removal and maintenance, garbage pick-up, water and sewer services, police and fire protection, etc.

What is winter like in Miramichi? Is there a lot of snow?

Contrary to what is usually broadcast on the national news, when it snows in Atlantic Canada it does not mean all of Atlantic Canada got buried! We get our share of snow storms, but not every time snow falls somewhere in Atlantic Canada.

Typically we will see snow in November but that snow doesn’t usually stay. Sometime during the month of December we will get a snowfall that will stay on the ground and will be the base for the winter snow.
The snow will generally stay until sometime in April. More information on Miramichi weather is available at www.climate.weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/climate_normals/index_e.html or the City of Miramichi: www.miramichi.org/en/visit-weather-e.asp

Who owns Retirement Miramichi?

Retirement Miramichi is a private, not-for-profit corporation governed by a voluntary board of directors and self-funded through rental income. We have been in operation since 1997 with a mission to create a retirement living industry which enhances the economy of the Miramichi region.